Express and fans confidence in Mettenberger very high

AP Photo/ Rick WilsonThings have changed a lot in the Memphis Express fanbase over the last week. Zach Mettenberger’s two TD performance and rally last Saturday put the Express back in a game against one of the top teams. But more importantly, it gave the Express fans some confidence.

After numerous articles with titles like “Why Zach Mettenberger could take the AAF by storm” seem to both give the keys to the Express QB position and more incredibly “take the league by storm.” AAF Express correspondent Dylan Rubino reported after the game at Orlando, “It appeared clear Mettenberger would be the guy going forward.(sic) and Singletary confirmed that Monday.

Mettenberger’s college and NFL career were both hampered with injuries. His injury at LSU hurt his draft stock and his injuries with the Titans hurt his chances at continuing as the starter. He has always shown solid mechanics and reasonable coolness in the face of pressure. His performance in the Orlando game was incredible considering the relative awfulness of the offense in prior games.

The Memphis Express also tweeted out at the beginning of the week, “This is The Mett Show.” Later fans were seen on Facebook talking about the Express “running the table.” It says a lot about the Express offense the first two weeks when a moderately good performance against the Apollos (9/12 passing, 120 yards, 2 TD/0 INT) inspires such disproportional confidence.

While Mettenberger no doubt made a huge impression on an offense starved fan base, it remains to be seen if he can stay healthy and keep up the offensive production of last week’s corner turning performance against Orlando.

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