AAF Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Rankings

The AAF league is upon us and so is a new fantasy football season.  It is time to start preparations for our fantasy drafts.  Not sure who to draft?  That’s okay! Step into my dojo.  Before we get started I think it is important to stress my ranking will reflect PPR scoring and 6 point passing touchdowns.  This will be my first of a series of articles for my fantasy rankings starting at the quarterback position.


  1. Garrett Gilbert (Orlando Apollo)

This one is simple.  On paper, the Orlando Apollo have the most stacked roster, therefore they have the highest likelihood to score points and rack up yards.  You should grab pieces of their offense.

  1. Trevor Knight (Arizona Hotshots)

A key to a solid fantasy QB is rushing ability, and that’s why I have Trevor Knight as my 2nd ranked QB.  He ran a 4.5 at his combine and his athleticism should be a part of the offensive game plan, so he will provide a safe baseline from his rushing stats.

  1. Josh Woodrum (Salt Lake City Stallions)

Josh Woodrum at number 3 probably will not be the safest pick, but there is so much arm talent that he may be worth the risk.  He can chuck it deep and has some mobility.  He may not have design runs, but he has the ability to get outside the pocket and upfield.

  1. Christian Hackenberg (Memphis Express)

Christian may have the most arm talent of all the QB’s starting in the AAF.  His drawback has always been his accuracy, but the Express roster could be the perfect formula for Hackenberg’s success.  They have a lot of big targets such as Horn, Ross, and Stringfellow to create wide catch radius’s downfield.

  1. Mark Bercovici (San Diego Fleet)

If you are waiting on QB in your draft, Mark could be a good target.  He has a strong arm and mobility to move the ball, however, he is prone to turnover.  This should play to your advantage though because the deeper hole he digs his team into, the more the game script will force the Fleet into passing situations.  Plus, he has two great targets in WR Ford and TE Escobar.

  1. Matt Simms (Atlanta Legend)

Matt Simms is an experienced veteran who knows how to read a situation at the line.  He may not have the strongest arm, but he can get the ball out fast.  Denard Robinson will provide Simms with plenty of cheap underneath yards with screens and pitches.

  1. Luis Perez (Birmingham Iron)

Luis is the riskiest QB.  He has the mobility to create a solid base and an above-average arm, but the talent around him is not is comparatively not as great on paper.  He has every ability to be a top 2 fantasy QB, but since most leagues will have only two to no free agent QBs I would not want to be the guy taking the risk.

  1. Dustin Vaughan (San Antonio Commandeers)

Dustin being the last starting QB on my list is less of an inditement on him and more of my view on the San Antonio offense.  Their structure looks like a team poised to grind the ball.  The upside to Vaughan is the average height of his receivers and Tight ends are over 6’2” which could convert to mismatches in the RedZone.

Backups to keep an eye on

  • Aaron Murray

Not only was I surprised to discover that Simms won the starting job in Atlanta, in my original QB rankings, but I had Aaron Murray listed no.1.  Simms played with OC Michael Vick on the New York Jets, thus giving Simms a better feel of Vick’s offense and verbiage, but I believe Murray has the better arm and will be the long-term plan for the Atlanta Legend.

  • Alex Ross

Or Philip Nelson depending on who is the back up to Bercovici in San Diego, but my money is on Ross.  Ross had shown a lot of mobility during his time at Coastal Carolina.  That combined with the great receiving talent, and lower tier defense could make Ross a very fantasy friendly QB

  • Zach Mettenberger

Christian Hackenberg struggles with accuracy during his time in New York, so much so that he never played a single snap of regular season football.  That makes him the 2nd QB in history to be drafted in the first two round of the NFL Draft, and not start a game.  Mettenberger has an incredible arm, therefore Memphis will probably have a short leash on Hackenberg

Final Tip

My final advice to you is this:  If you are playing in a league with more than 4 people, do not come out of your draft without your QB’s backup.  You do not want to chance something happening to your starting QB and must fight you league mates for his backup off the waivers.  I will be that person in your league who will try and steal the backup QB thus completely taking your team out of contention.  Stay tuned for my Running back rankings


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