AAF Fantasy Football TE, K, and DEF/SP Teams Rankings

TE Rankings

Coming up are my TE rankings.  There is one TE at the top that I think will a good fantasy contributor, two good ones after that, and the final five are basically interchangeable.  I am sure that some of them will emerge towards the top, but I have nothing to help me make that prediction.  I am sure there will be players that I do not rank that might emerge.  This will have to be a position you are fluid unless you get the top guy.  If you are in a league with 8 league mates in it, I suggest not requiring teams to carry a TE, instead, add an extra flex spot, therefore the top TE’s are still relevant, but it does not create a huge discrepancy between the teams with a top 3 guy from teams without.  Who is the TE to secure up?

  1. Gavin Escobar (San Diego Fleet)

Gavin Escobar will be a valuable weapon to the Fleet offense.  He will create mismatches against any defense and will command RedZone targets along with targets down the seam.

  1. Bryce Williams (Arizona Fleet)

Bryce is at 2.  He is a very talented TE on a team that will utilize a mobile QB.  These offenses tend to rely upon a big target when plays break down.

  1. Busta Anderson (Birmingham Iron)

First, his name is Busta.  He is also in an offense with a mobile QB, I just think Arizona will move the ball better than Birmingham so if I were choosing between the two, I would choose Williams, but I would not be upset coming out of my draft with Busta.

  1. Cole Hunt (San Antonio Commandeers)

Probably a boom or bust option, but at 6’6” and 253lbs, he could be a target in the RedZone if he gets one-on-one with a CB.

  1. Brandon Barnes (Memphis Express)

A lot of mocks and ranking I have seen so far have Adrien Robinson as the TE to own from the Express roster, but I think Robinson was brought in to be an extra O-lineman.  Barnes is the more athletic TE and has ideal arm size to be a RedZone target.  Unfortunately, I think Memphis will feel more compelled to use Horn and Guerra through the middle….so boom or bust again.

  1. Charles Standberry Jr

  2. Austin Traylor

  3. Scott Orndoff

These three will have the same description:  they are the starting TE for their teams, so they should see a few targets.

Special Consideration

Cordon Moog (Memphis Express)

Moog is a former Baylor rugby player and stands 6’5” and only weighs 214lbs. He is lanky and athletic.  He will not be a reliable blocking option, so the only reason he made the final roster is to be a mismatch.  As he gets acclimated to the game, he could be an intriguing option for a player you could use in your TE slot.  I am not suggesting drafting him but keep an eye on him.

Kicker Rankings

The process is simple, a good kicker in good offenses are at the top.

  1. Nick Folk (Arizona Hotshots)

  2. Elliot Fry (Orlando Apollo)

  3. Cole Murphy (San Diego Fleet)

  4. Nick Novak (Birmingham Iron)

  5. Nick Rose (San Antonio Commandeers)

  6. Yunghoe Koo (Atlanta Legend)

  7. Josh Jasper (Memphis Express)

  8. Austin Rehkow (Salt Lack City Stallions


Defenses & Special Team Rankings

  1. Orlando Apollo

Very stacked at defense too.  They had five forced fumbles (2 recovered) and 3 interceptions in their scrimmage against the Fleet.

  1. San Antonio Commandeers

With a heavy run offense and emphasis on winning the possession battle, San Antonio’s defense should not give up a lot point, therefore be a safe option.

  1. Arizona Hotshots

Arizona has a lot of playmakers in their front 7.  If these three defenses start to fall off the board, you might want to consider grabbing one of the next 2 so you don’t end up with one of the bottom 3 defenses.

  1. Memphis Express

Similar too San Antonio, this team wants to run the ball, and give opposing teams little time with possession making them a safe pick.

  1. Salt Lake City Stallions

This team has good linebackers.  They may bend but will not break as often as the final three.

  1. Birmingham Iron

There is a lot of talent on this defense, however, I am concerned with how well their offense can move the ball.  The offense could put the defense in several unfavorable situations.

  1. San Diego Fleet

During their scrimmage, this team turned the ball over 5 times and had 3 additional fumbles they were lucky enough to recover.

  1. Atlanta Legend

I simply think they have the least amount of talent on this side of the ball amongst the 8 teams.

Final Tip

My final tip is:  You will not be able to stream defenses, quarterbacks, or tight ends in an AAF fantasy football league (unless your league is 4 people or less).  So, do not be afraid to reach and grab positional advantages where you can.  Do not forgo Gavin Escobar for a bottom tier RB.  Good luck to everyone and have fun.  I hope I help you win a #AAFfantasyChampionship.

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