Memphis Express name Hal Mumme Offensive Coordinator
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Hal Mumme Looking to Launch the Express into the Endzone

Memphis Express may become more than just a moniker with the hire of Hal Mumme at offensive coordinator. Hal is an innovator of the air raid and architect of the wideout screen. Expect to see a fast-paced offense that takes advantage of spreading the defense out and pushing the ball deep down the open middle or quickly into the hands of a receiver behind a wall of blockers.

If Memphis decides to protect Mettenberger in the upcoming quarterback draft, we could see a version of Mettenberger that is even more wide open than his final year at LSU where he averaged just at 10 yards per attempt and threw for 22 TDs. It didn’t hurt that he had Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry to toss it to but there is a good reason to expect he can have success in a fresh start with an offense that is coordinated to his strengths.

The legacy of Hal Mumme

 Mumme’s brand of “throw it where they ain’t” has pushed football into an era of throw first and throw often where spreads and hidden schemes dominate playbooks over the old ways of the ground and pound. Hal played wide receiver in college so it’s no surprise he likes to get the ball to his kin on the edges. Fans of the Express can expect to see it tossed deep early and frequently as Memphis tries to dominate a league that looks to be competitive throughout. Mike Vick in Atlanta, Steve Spurrier in Orlando, and Cadillac Williams in Birmingham indicate a talent pool of coaches in the southern section of the AAF that is sure to leave fans engaged and wanting more each week.

Unlike at the college level where recruiting and school budgets play a part in your success as a coach, this opportunity seems to put everyone on even ground. With no real standouts on any roster, it may just be an offensive innovator like Hal Mumme that makes the difference.

This is just one of many hires by the Memphis Express. To find out about the others, check out their breakdown.

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