Ep. 7: AAF vs XFL: Should players sit a year?

The biggest competition facing the AAF is going to be the XFL which is set to start in 2020, one year after the Alliance. Based on some recently leaked emails, it appears the XFL may feel a bit threatened by the AAF.

Latest News

Getting closer to getting team names. People are getting impatient. We were told we would get the team names at the end of the summer and we’re getting closer to the fall equinox.

The XFL plans on announcing their 8 cities sometime this fall. Will they steer clear of the AAF or will they try and challenge it? https://thefourthandgoal.wordpress.com/2018/09/04/the-xfl-question/

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There are rumors that the AAF draft is coming up. No details yet but it could be in the next couple weeks. From what I understand, it will be a pool of unallocated players that the teams are interested in. If you want to play in the Alliance, make sure to let them know at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-XLpQWk3vW1wQg4ugGjWwLO3XFeVwnJq8kUUViwyZPPFWjg/viewform

Player Interview

Ricky Lewis Jr. is a RB/Slot WR from North Carolina A&T. He and some friends started Steady Grind Fitness where they work with kids and host Women’s Bootcamps. Check out what they’re doing over at Instagram. Off the field he is a calm and humble guy but, on the field, he is unforgiving.

Check him out: Steady Grind Fitness | Instagram | Facebook

Main Event

Today, we plan on talking about the XFL. How will it work out with two spring football leagues? Is there enough talent to go around?

We already know that the CFL is worried about the future and now we know the XFL may be a bit concerned as well. XFL commissioner, Oliver Luck, recently sent a letter to NFL agents warning them of the “risks” associated with spring leagues. It’s a warning to agents, essentially, saying that by signing with the AAF the player won’t be free to sign with the XFL.

Luck is trying to make the argument that these players should sit out for a year so they can join his league. That is a tough argument to make. Other than money, there is little benefit for these guys to sit for a year. They need to play if they want a shot at the NFL and the AAF offers them that opportunity. They will be more likely to get noticed playing for the Alliance.

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Ep. 7: AAF vs XFL: Should players sit a year?