Ep. 2: AAF Contracts and Combine – What the Players are Getting from the League

In this episode, we discuss the latest news from the league and then go over AAF contracts, combine details, and possible team names for Alliance Memphis.

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Latest News

Former clothing giant Starter, signs a multi-year deal with the league to provide on-field apparel as well as merch for the league. Get your clothing at https://starter-shop.com/.

Trent Richardson, former Alabama star running back, announces that he’ll sign with Alliance Birmingham. This brings some legitimacy to the league, not that it really needs it. But it’s awesome to see a bigger name commit to playing in the league.

Johnny Manziel ruins another football team! The Hamilton Tiger-Cats traded Manziel to the Alouettes in favor of two other quarterbacks. Now, however, those QBs have decided to try their luck in the Alliance of American Football.

Main Stories

Potential Team Names

These are some of the names that have been discussed in the Alliance Memphis Facebook group. The jury’s still out on some of the names but Michelle does enjoy the Blues and Zombies. Be sure to check out the group to see all of the concepts. Click on the images to see their respective posts and be sure to compliment the artists.

Memphis Blues Concept Art Memphis Thrill Concept Art Memphis Pharaohs Concept Art


Players will be signed to a three -year, $250k contract. The can also get bonuses based on performance both on the field and with fan interaction. On top of all that, they can also get health benefits and scholarships for post-football college and trade school education.


Update! Houston is filled so if you haven’t registered, it’s too late to go to the combine. But don’t give up! You can still get signed to a team but it may be just more difficult. Over the next few episodes, we plan on highlighting some players so reach out if you want to be featured.

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  1. Avatar


    August 3, 2018

    Pharaohs art is the best submitted so far, but I still feel the Blues is my favorite name, so far.

    • I love the artwork! I was told that the Pharaohs was the name of a failed attempt at a Memphis football team, so not sure how that will go over. I think the Blues would be a good fit, but I like the idea of showcasing the Egyptian connection.

  2. Avatar


    August 3, 2018

    How are trades going to work since initial setup of players is geographically determined?

    • I’m not sure. My guess would be that it would work like other leagues, trading between teams. It’s the best way to ensure a competitive league.

  3. Avatar

    Michael Ruffin

    August 5, 2018

    I’m from Memphis Tn In I think the Memphis blues sounds best for the team . I am participating in the combine on the 24 of august I am DB and went to Lane College.. let’s goooooo 👏👏👏 #AAF #Memphis

  4. Kings, Blues, Rockers, Mummies, Pharoahs are the best ones I’ve seen suggested so far. My thoughts on each.

    1. Kings. EXTREMELY generic. Way more generic than Blues, and everyone hates generic names. You have the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Kings, and I thought there was some baseball Kings team. BUT, the thing is like you guys said Memphis would have a very solid claim to a Kings name, and guess what it sounds way more football than Blues, and the most footbally of any good name I’ve seen for Memphis. Probably sounds most like a basketball name but it works more for football than Blues does. It’s too funny about the Martin Luther King thing because the first name I keep seeing suggested for Atlanta Alliance is Kings because of MLK, so someone is going to have to give on this Kings shit, I think Memphis wins that because of Elvis. For color scheme it would still be hard not go for blue. and possibly yellow or gold as a secondary color to symbolize a king’s crown and slightly separate from the Memphis Tigers since they are just blue and neutral colors like black and silver. The colors of these AAF teams really need to be marketable and reflect their region and while blue in Memphis may be played out, it’s the best color option for them

    1. Blues. Tied these two for first because I like them pretty much the same. Definitely don’t think of football first when I hear it. Not completely generic like SOME names (Tigers, Cardinals, etc.), but not completely original (St. Louis Blues hockey, and isn’t New Orleans known for blues too), but it would work. Sounds most like a baseball team name, but I wouldn’t mind it. I think if this is the name then any music reference needs to be shied away from in the logo and apparel unless it’s just the perfect design. Why? Because unless it just looks really good, professional, and footballish (unlike that fan facebook art I saw, it’s fine it just doesn’t look like professional football), then it’s going to look arena footbally and I’d rather the brand be minimalist and designed around just the color blue or some other design if the music makes it look shit. Think Cleveland Browns. Bland and traditional, but I’d rather that then a forced subpar music design. Any music concept needs to really pull off a football look which is hard to do, otherwise you look bush league like the podcast host said about Memphis Thrill. The Blues facebook art is close to being acceptable I suppose, just needs some tweaking to make it more football looking. Not sure what that would be because I’m not an artist, but the little treble clef on the bottom is neat I suppose. Currently it looks too hockey but it’s close I reckon. Maybe make the B thicker like Bengals to give it oomph and not so italic and flimsy looking

    3. Rockers. Good name, just don’t know about for football because once again you have that music thing you have to incorporate which is just too challenging for a football club. A bad music design will look cringeish and come off as a hockey team, arena football team, etc. I suppose you could always go traditional with this name a la Browns and just rock it minimalism style with a straight-up font text logo or non-music design. Sounds way more football than Blues but I dunno, based on the text of the 2 words alone would edge it to Blues.

    4. Pharoahs/Mummies. Decent names, and could be crazy good and unique if you get a real professional logo designer and let him get creative with the colors, but that’s a long shot. This name will not work unless the logo and scheme are lights out perfect which I’m betting against that anyone can do. That facebook pharoahs art is average or ok. Nothing to write home about. Blues and Kings are way more relevant to Memphis than some city halfway across the world and something that they’re only related to by name and quite frankly only Memphians really know about. Wouldn’t mind it but Blues & Kings are better choices.

    Just to throw some ideas around, but I haven’t seen anyone suggest something else that Memphis is known for and that’s their barbecue. It’s possible there’s a good name to be had somewhere in there. Some of the words you could play with under that umbrella are Smoke, Smokers, Smoking (SmoKINGS, HA! nah), Fire, Pig, Hog, Boar, Smokin’, no Smokies because of the mountains, … and I don’t eat meat or barbecue so I’m out of words. Maybe the meat experts could come up with a good name out of those words.

    So yeah overall no names yet (that I’ve seen) to write home about, still looking for a great one though as I would say all of these are just good or ok, with Kings being the best choice of the ones I’ve seen and tried to think of. Definitely not on par with some of the names I’ve seen for other cities like Orlando Dragons, Birmingham Irons, Phoenix Scorpions, San Antonio Snakes / Copperheads, but part of that is due to the cities having different cultures allowing for different names. Memphis Kings make it happen AAF

  5. Where are all the small school players at? Tired of seeing the same recycled guy getting opportunities.

  6. Hello I would like to tryout but I am trying to find the page but it’s not letting me I would love to show what I got and to see if this is for me

    • There won’t be any tryouts for the rest of the season. Check back this summer for the combine dates.

      • Avatar

        Marcus Upchurch

        March 17, 2019

        I seen you said the Combines will be this summer , I’m guessing around Aug, my question would be is it mandatory that you played football in college? I stopped in High School an could not afford college an would like to show case my talent on combine day.

        • I don’t believe there are restrictions like that. Just make sure to sign up quickly because they filled up fast last year.

Ep. 2: AAF Contracts and Combine – What the Players are Getting from the League