Ep. 1: Bringing the AAF to the 901

The Alliance of American Football is Coming to Memphis

If you’re listening to this then you’ve probably heard the news: Professional football is returning to the 901! Early last month, Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward announced that the third city to get an AAF team would be Memphis. Now. If you’re like me, you might be thinking just what is the Alliance of American Football? I heard that the XFL would be attempting a comeback but hadn’t heard anything about this. But after looking into, I got excited. The Alliance appears to be making great decisions as they build the league. They have brought on several former NFL personnel that brings the expertise needed to make this a success.

Today, we will be breaking down exactly what the Alliance of America Football, why they will succeed, and how it differs from the NFL.

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Topics Discussed

  • Background on the Alliance of America Football
  • How to Watch the Games
  • AAF Fantasy Football
  • How the Ownership is structured
  • Differences between the AAF and NFL
  • How the AAF is handling player safety
  • Trampoline Football

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Ep. 1: Bringing the AAF to the 901