Ep. 18: Alliance of American Football QB Draft Recap – Memphis Express

What a surprising and exciting night! Tuesday saw 32 quarterbacks get drafted in the first ever “Pick or Protect” Alliance of American Football QB draft. Today, we spoke with Isaac Simpson about out draftees and what it means for the Memphis Express.


There has been an announcement that the XFL will play in St. Louis. St. Louis almost became an Alliance city so it’s no surprise that the XFL will play there.

The helmets the AAF players will be wearing are going to be state-of-the-art. Costing 4 or 5 times as much as a typical football helmet, the teams will get real-time data on the impacts the players take.

Main Event

Alliance of American Football QB Draft

The Memphis Express, in a surprising move, protected Troy Cook in the first round. Most predictions saw the Express protecting Mettenberger who was still available as the last pick for Memphis.

We also drafted another top-QB in the draft by picking Christian Hackenberg in round 2. Most thought he wouldn’t make it out of round 1.

In the third round, Memphis chose Brandon Silvers.

It will be interesting to see how mini-camps shake-up in December. Will Troy Cook shine in a system he’s already familiar with? Or will Zach Mettenberger channel his frustration and win the starting job?

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Ep. 18: Alliance of American Football QB Draft Recap – Memphis Express