Ep. 12: Building the Memphis Express Fandom

We want to make sure that Memphis fans a truly represented and that our passion is on display. We are wanting to create a fan club for Memphis Express and need your help with it.


We have added to our team on the podcast. Isaac Simpson will be helping on the website. So you will see some new articles and player profiles showing up on memphisaaf.com. Be sure to show him some support over at https://twitter.com/Isaac_Rivals.

There will be another spring league starting up in February. It will be called the American Patriot League.  I am cautious about this one because their website is poorly designed and doesn’t fully work. They have a long way to go in a short amount of time. However, if they can pull it off, it will be good news for players.

Ticket sales should be starting this month. They are working out the logistics, but we should be getting more information soon.

Also, be on the lookout for uniform designs. The league had some stock uniforms when they started as displayed below. Will that be the design for them all?

Memphis Express has announced some coaching hires. We’ll be covering them in a future episode.

  • Dennis Thurman – Defensive Coordinator
  • Tom Mason – Linebackers Coach
  • Matt Singletary – Defensive Line Coach
  • David Lee – Quarterback Coach
  • Ty Knott- Running Back/Special Teams Coach

The Alliance of American Football continues to show their dedication to player safety and health. They have hired a Director of Nutrition. Amy Goodson is an expert in nutrition and has worked with sports institutions for over a decade including the Dallas Cowboys. Be sure to check out what she’s doing at http://amygoodsonrd.com/ as well as on social media on Twitter and Instagram.

There will be no practice squad in the Alliance. Instead, each team will have a “ready list” of players they can call up should the need arise.

Player Interview

Jacob Park is a QB from Iowa State. He was an exciting player to watch and was an integral part of the team. After the birth of his daughter, he took some time off to deal with the stress of being under so much pressure.  Unfortunately, that time away derailed what would have been an outstanding career.

Check him out: Twitter

Main Event

We need to create the Memphis Express fandom. We need a name to call ourselves, chants, cheers, and music. The success of the league will, ultimately, come down to fan acceptance. What better way to show the city that the Alliance is worth their support than by showcasing our passion.

We want the fans to show up in face paint, we want smoke, flags, drums, and pandemonium. We want to get into the heads of the visiting team and show them what real fandom is.

Give us your ideas of what that would look like.

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Ep. 12: Building the Memphis Express Fandom