Ep. 22: AAF Training Camp

The training camp for the Alliance of American Football is right around the corner! We talk about some details for the AAF training camp and rule changes in the AAF.

Listener Questions

Any standout players in terms of personality or skills in what you’ve been able to see?

Personality-wise, Michelle feels like Troy Cook stands out for the apparent lack of personality. The guys over at Blitzalytics have identified some skill players that could stand out.


Joe VanDalsem What was Koshe Irving’s possition at the WWE?!?!? #conspiracyCorner

So, KOSHA IRBY was the Regional Director, Live Events for the WWE. Whether there is a collaboration between the AAF and XFL for a merger down the road waits to be seen.

@taylor_a_cook: Is the Feb 16th home opener kickoff time announced yet?

Not yet. Week 1 has been announced for February 10 at 1pm central. Week 2 and beyond is still a mystery.

Latest reviews

It’s ok

I’m actually listening in from San Antonio TX, in that said I’m listening in on all AAF related to get as much info from the league, I understand it’s a new league and you have to work with what you get but they always sound disappointed.


There are several other spring leagues popping up such as the APL and the FFL. We discuss this and why these are bound to fail and why they hurt the chances of the AAF.

Panther HC, Ron Rivera, speaks about the need for the AAF.

There will only be 48 guys that are active on game day.

The AAF game ball has been revealed. The image has since been deleted but the internet never forgets.

Main event

AAF Training Camp

All teams should have been cut to 75 players. Memphis, once again, may have been a bit over but we won’t say anything. The training camp officially starts today with actual practice beginning tomorrow.

Each team will be in a separate hotel and use a separate facility.

There will be co-op practices and each team will have one preseason game. These games will be played as doubleheaders on the 27th and 28th.

There have been some rule changes. This is to be expected as the AAF figures things out.

  • Play clock has been changed from 30 to 35 seconds
  • “Onside kicks” will be 4th and 12 rather than 4th and 10


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  1. Love the show this week. Nepotism is alive and well in Football. Going into the season the Carolina Panthers had Norv Turner, his brother, son, and nephew all on the coaching staff. The Fleet have Jon Kitna and his brother Matt. Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan both got their first gigs because they had family in the building.

    So I’m asking; why you gotta hate on Samurai Mike?

    • No hate for the Heart of the Defense!! I just hate that other players aren’t getting a shot because a relative things they’re a football player.

  2. Daniel and Michelle,
    Speaking from personal experience, I think you will find that both Matt Singletary and OJ Atogwe are both excellent coaches and will be valuable assets to the Express staff. I can assure you that Mike will not have anyone on his staff, family or not, that does not bring expertise and excellence to the program.
    You are correct that you need to trust Mike and his judgment on both coaches and players.
    Look forward to the next podcast.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I totally agree about the staff. I’m not worried about OJ because I’m familiar with his time in the NFL. I concerned about Matt because of his lack of experience, but I still trust Mike to be more concerned about winning than about giving his son a job.

      My concern and frustration is mostly about the players. So many good players didn’t get signed and didn’t get their shot and yet a rugby player did. I know that it’s highly unlikely that he’ll make the final roster. I just want to see the guys that have been going to the combines and tryouts to get a chance.

      Regardless, at the end of the day, #AllAboard!!!


Ep. 22: AAF Training Camp