Ep. 23: Memphis Express Training Camp Updates

A lot of updates are coming from the Memphis Express training camp! We cover a lot of what’s been going on.

Merch is coming soon for our patrons! EBE Apparel has offered to help us with the shirts that will exclusive to our supporters. More merch will be available soon.

“So, I hope this one, or the other ones kind of stay in business because it can really be helpful to these fringe players that might be on a practice squad, might be capable of being on a 90-man roster, but just need more playing time.”

-Bob Quinn

That AAF football has some really cool technology. Fans will get real time data about the speed and rotation of the ball during gameplay.

The XFL is considering allowing players to sign much earlier than the NFL or AAF. Right now, the two leagues require players to be three years removed from high school. The XFL may take players much sooner.

Brian Childress has stepped down as the HC of the Atlanta Legends. Early reports indicated that Mike Vick had as well but were later to be debunked.

If you want to keep up with this story, be sure to check out the Crown Loyal Podcast at https://asigismond.podbean.com/.

Next week, the Express staff will hand deliver a token of appreciation anywhere downtown when your order season tickets over the phone.

Calling local restaurants! We need a place to meet-up after games as well as a place to watch away games! Where can we go?


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  1. Avatar

    Tadarius Banks (3rd touch down)

    January 30, 2019

    Is it to late to walk on team what is agelimit

    • It’s too late for this season. There’s no limit as long as you can play and are three years removed from high school.

Ep. 23: Memphis Express Training Camp Updates