Ep. 25: Interview with Memphis Express’ Team President: Kosha Irby

This week, we had the pleasure to visit the Memphis Express’ headquarters and sit down with the one and only Kosha Irby.


Topps will be the official card supplier for the AAF. The packs will be released March 1st and will include 200 players.

Memphis Express was a part of the first-ever trade in the Alliance. We traded RB Jahad Thomas to receive Daryll Richardson.

We are standing with our friends over at the Fleet Speak podcast after the Fleet seemed to be taking over their name. Show them support by following them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/fleetspeakpod

Main Event

We discussed several topics during our time with Kosha and answered several fan questions.

Topics Covered

  • Benefits of a single-entity league
  • Touchdown celebrations
  • Update on the app
  • Officiating
  • TV deal
  • Public practices
  • Field art
  • Apparel issues
  • Other spring leagues

In the bonus episode, we go into detail about an award-winning DJ on the staff and Kosha throws down the challenge to the other team presidents. To hear the bonus content, head over to https://memphiaaf.com/patreon.



Available at https://memphisaaf.com/merch.

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  1. Great show this week! Love Kosha Irby. You’ve got a really interesting President over there.
    Thanks for backing us up! We appreciate it.

Ep. 25: Interview with Memphis Express’ Team President: Kosha Irby