Ep. 30: Sink The Fleet – AAF Week 3 Recap | Memphis Express Week 4 Preview

What an amazing game! Despite the loss, I came away excited about the future with Mettenberger at the helm.


The San Diego Fleet is at it again. A few weeks ago, they usurped the name “Fleet Speak” from a well-known podcast. This past week they selected a team captain that has strong ties to the LA Charges which is rather controversial in San Diego.

Johnny Football has been banned from the CFL and is expected to work out for The Alliance. His rights would belong to San Antonio.

Due to a recent lawsuit, alleged expansion plans have been revealed to the public.


You can now find the streaming at https://fullpresscoverage.com/aaf and https://afnn.net.

We have another listener voicemail from Decoda.

The latest episode of the Shipyard had Fleet President, Jeff Garner and Express President, Kosha Irby. Check it out at https://www.theshipyardsd.com.

I recently learned that play-calling duties were given to Bobby Blizzard after week 1.

Week 3 Recap

Game 1
Arizona Hotshots – 15
Salt Lake Stallions – 23

Game 2
Memphis Express – 17
Orlando Apollos – 21

Game 3
Birmingham Iron – 28
Atlanta Legends – 12

Game 4
San Antonio Commanders – 11
Sand Diego Fleet – 31

Roster Updates


  • K Austin MacGinnis
  • P Ryan Winslow
  • LB Freddie Bishop
  • DE Garrett Hughes


  • K Josh Jasper
  • P Brad Wing
  • QB Kevin Burke
  • LB Benetton Fonua
  • DB Mohammed Seisay

Week 4 Preview

  • Express sinks the Fleet
  • Apollos trample the Stallions
  • Iron crush the Commanders
  • Hotshots douse the Legends

AAF Delivery Guy

Current record 8/12

  • Express over the Fleet
  • Apollos over the Stallions
  • Iron over the Commanders
  • Hotshots over the Legends

Executive Producer

  • Matt Sheckells


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Ep. 30: Sink The Fleet – AAF Week 3 Recap | Memphis Express Week 4 Preview