Ep. #31: Memphis Express Secures First Victory | Week 4 Recap

Today is an exciting day as we recap the first every win for the Memphis Express! We also got to talk to WR Reece Horn and get to know him a bit better.


  • The American Patriot League doesn’t seem to be doing well. There have been reports that coaches aren’t getting paid and they have postponed the inaugural season until 2020.
  • The AAF is working on new partnerships with more and bigger advertising partners.
  •  The NFL is considering allowing lower tier players to play in the AAF to help development.
  • TNT will be broadcasting 2 additional games this season.


We had the pleasure of talking to Reece Horn on today’s show. He’s a wide receiver for the Memphis Express

We also had a fun conversation with super-fan Jacob Floyd who you might recognize from our Instagram stories.

Week Recap

Game 1
San Diego Fleet – 23
Memphis Express – 26

Game 2
Orlando Apollos – 20
Salt Lake Stallions – 11

Game 3
San Antonio Commanders – 12
Birmingham Iron – 11

Game 4
Atlanta Legends – 14
Arizona Hotshots – 11

Week 4 Preview

  • Orlando Apollos over the Birmingham Iron
  • San Diego Fleet over the Salt Lake Stallions
  • Memphis Express over the Atlanta Legends
  • San Antonio Commanders over the Arizona Hotshots

Executive Producer

  • Kaeo Farley



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  1. Avatar

    Bridget Ellis

    March 8, 2019

    Don’t feel bad, Michelle, I had ALOT of beer at that game, too.

Ep. #31: Memphis Express Secures First Victory | Week 4 Recap