Ep. 11: Interview with an Agent


The shop is back online at https://shop.aaf.com. You can get all kinds of gear to support the Memphis Express. No jerseys yet, but we should get those soon.

The AAF has signed over 500 players! We’re about 85 guys away from every team being at their off-season max.

Main Event

We had an amazing interview with Nathan Shackleford. He gave us quite a bit of insight into what it means to be an agent. We also talk a lot of specifics about the league. We’re working on getting the interview summarized, so check back on that later. Be sure to read his article about contract structure.

If you are reaching out to someone, here is a great form to follow:

How you doing my Name is _____ from _____. I went to ______ college. And participated in the Houston AAF event my 40 time was _____, broad ____, height weight ____. Here are my college stats and links to my film. I would greatly appreciate if if you would take a look at my film and give me any feedback that you might have. I would also love to talk with you further about representing me as I continue in my future as well. Thanks again for your time – Player

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Ep. 11: Interview with an Agent