Ep 10: Memphis Express Gathering and Logo Reaction

We were invited to a get together with some folk from Memphis Express. It was great to meet the team behind the team.


We reached 500 followers on Twitter. We will be doing a giveaway for some Memphis Express merch. For your chance to win, listen to the show for details on how to enter.

The last four team names and logos were announced. We have feelings about these… We give a breakdown of all 8 teams and how we feel about them. Take a look and let us know what you think, and which is your favorite.

Main Event

We had the amazing opportunity to attend a gathering of Memphis Express staff and supporters. We were invited because of our work on this podcast. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all of our listeners. It’s up to use to ensure Memphis Express and the Alliance of American Football is a success.

Not only did we meet some of the people that will assist the team and support the city.

Probably the highlight of the night was meeting Team President, Kosha Irby, and Head Coach, Mike Singletary. Personality-wise, they couldn’t be different. Kosha is full of energy and his passion is on his sleeve. He loves the city and loves the AAF. Being a former Tiger, he has great insight into the city to really understand the best way to support the city.

Mike is an ember. He Is quiet and unassuming, but the passion is apparent under the surface. He is an incredible person. Humility and heart are the best words to describe him. However, you know that once game day comes around, he’ll be that fireball we all know him for.

While the team they’re assembling is new and small, you can tell they are excited for the opportunity and are looking to make this a success.

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Ep 10: Memphis Express Gathering and Logo Reaction