Ep. 20: Memphis Express Minicamp and Tryouts Recap

This past week we were able to experience a lot with the team. We were allowed to attend some of the Memphis Express minicamp as well as the tryouts.


The times for week 1 have been released. Memphis will play at Birmingham at 1 pm.

Join our Facebook group because why not. https://www.facebook.com/groups/815513668841944/

The engineering team with the AAF released a blog post detailing how the storage of gameday footage will be handled. https://aaf.engineering/

We had a lovely message from Decota where he said his views of the team name. If you have a comment or questions, feel free to call our hotline at 901-352-0177.

Hugh Freeze will be leaving the Hotshots to take a position with Liberty Christian University. I guess they don’t mind his affinity for prostitutes.

Legends LS Colin Holba has been signed by the 49ers.

Main Event


We didn’t get to see much of the minicamp. One thing I did notices is that it looks like we’ll be running a 4-3 defense. Unfortunately, they were just finishing up when we go there but we did get to see some reps from Hackenberg, Mettenberger, and Silvers.

One really fun thing is that we were able to speak with a few players, Jessamen Dunker, Chris Givens, and Kayaune Ross. You will be able to find these at memphisaaf.com/patreon.

Not that minicamps are finishing up, players will soon be released from the allocation restrictions and free to sign with any team.


We mainly watch the guys that we’ve had on the show and they were killing it. Dewayne Beckford

Kray’shawn Brewer and Shawn Thomas stood out among the WR. Abraham Austin and Fabian Carter Sr. were the first guys to get praise from Singletary in the drill he was running.

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Ep. 20: Memphis Express Minicamp and Tryouts Recap