Ep. 19: Memphis Express Roster and Coaching Updates

There have been quite a few moves on the Memphis Express roster as well as a coaching update.

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Memphis Express Meet and Greet. December 8th at 6:30 – 8:30. All 90 players will be in attendance as well as the coaches.



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The Alliance of American Football app will not be available overseas.

The XFL has announced their 8 cities.

  • New York (MetLife Stadium)
  • Dallas (Globelife park)
  • Houston (TDECU)
  • LA (Stubhub center)
  • St. Louis (The Dome at America’s Center)
  • Seattle (Century Link)
  • Tampa Bay (Raymond James Stadium)
  • Washington DC (Audi Field)

The Memphis Express is finalizing a deal to broadcast the games locally. This will include both radio and Television. No updated yet on when the deal will be done or who will be the voice of the team.

Mini-camps are starting this week. They will run from December 7th through the 11th. It is closed to the public so don’t expect many updates.

What you can expect updates for is the tryouts this Saturday! We will be attending tryouts and will hopefully get a chance to speak with some pod-pals such as Garret Berg, Isaac Gross, and Bubba Jenkins.

It will be interesting to see how the Memphis Express roster is affected by these events.

Move on the Memphis Express roster according to memphis-express.com.

Memphis Express Roster Updates


  • G Jessamen Dunker TSU
  • DT Jeremy Liggins Ole Miss
  • RB Terrence Magee LSU
  • DE Larry Webster
  • P Brad Wing
  • WR Kayaune Ross


  • RB Josh Kicks Rutgers
  • LB Cavellis Lucket MTSU
  • TE Tim Semisch Northern Ill
  • WR Patrick Smith TSU
  • DT Hershey Walton Temple

Main Event

The Memphis Express has signed a WR coach. Bobby Blizzard has agreed to coach for Memphis. He will be leaving Hampton University to come to Memphis. He was recruited because of his expertise with the air raid offence.

Other names listed are Pepper Johnson and Steve Marshall. We will reach out to the team with that information.

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Ep. 19: Memphis Express Roster and Coaching Updates