Ep. 8: MGM is Bringing Next-Gen Gambling to the AAF

Another light week when it comes to the news, but the big story is about next-gen gambling as AAF partners with MGM.

Player Interview

Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Jenkins is a 3 down back. He excels in all phases of the RB position. He is an exceptional runner, has sure hands in the passing game, and can help out in pass protection. He’s the type of player that will elevate those around him as he’s done in high school and college. He was named the most underrated running back in the draft.

Check him out: Twitter | Instagram


Last week the AAF announce 37 new signings brings the total to 299, though it would appear there are 33 players that haven’t been announced making it 332. Memphis sits at 57 meaning we can only sign 18 players that were recently cut from the NFL. See the new Alliance Memphis players at memphisaaf.com/roster

Hines Ward alluded to some major signings but, as always, remains light on the details. Expect announcements soon on some major signings. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Main Event

Next-Gen Gambling

The AAF will have in-game betting with next-gen gambling. They are partnering with MGM as the exclusive gambling partner of the league. This is the first time and sports organization has made this kind of deal. More and more, the AAF seems to go beyond a football league and into a tech company. From its app that will stream all games and offer fantasy football, to offering next-gen stats in a betting platform.

We see this in the NFL with their enhanced stats. Players wear tracking chips in their pads which is how we can see the routes they run and how fast they go. The AAF will also use this tech for next-gen gambling.

We’ve talked a lot about money on this podcast and how the AAF stacks up with other leagues. This is another way for players to boost their paychecks. They have the opportunity to earn more if bets are placed on them.

This comes at a pivotal moment in our country as a recent Supreme Court ruling leaves sports betting up to the states.

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Ep. 8: MGM is Bringing Next-Gen Gambling to the AAF