Ep. 21: Tennessee is Heading Towards Legalizing Sports Gambling

Some major news coming from the state of Tennesse that could lead to making sports gambling legal in Tennessee.


Roster updates

  • The team has signed WR Fabian Guerra who was called the best WR in the AFL by NFL Draft Diamonds.
  • DE Sam Montgomery was signed as well. This guy is a class act. He is super cool on Twitter and didn’t mind when I posted the wrong picture.
  • Gerrard Sheppard WR
  • Andrew East was signed to Washington.

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Take a listen to our first ever guest appearance on another podcast!

The AAF is increasing their promotion! A lot of fans have been talking about this past week in the NFL. They saw commercials being aired and pop-up graphics promoting the Alliance.

Dr. Jen Welter was hired by the Atlanta Legends. She was the first female coach in the NFL and now the first female coach in the AAF.

Main Event

Tennessee Sports Gambling

Sports betting may come to Tennessee – https://www.dailymemphian.com/article/1969/AG-opinion-could-bring-sports-betting-to-Memphis

This is big. A huge aspect of their business model is gambling and, I would speculate, they are banking on states legalizing it. I would assume that played a factor in the cities they chose. I would bet all the money we’ve made from this podcast that the AAF is lobbying these states for legislation.


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Ep. 21: Tennessee is Heading Towards Legalizing Sports Gambling